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Do You Need Contract to Close & Compliance Services?

We now offer human powered, AI assisted CTC & compliance services.

Complete CTC & Compliance for $150 per Transaction

Our CTC & Compliance account reps have managed 1000+ transactions. We’re highly organized & efficient. We take care of the details so that you can manage your relationships and sell more properties.

AI Assisted

We have built out an incredibly powerful artificial intelligence platform that allows our account reps to effectively manage a high volume of transactions, which is why we are able to profitably charge a fraction of what traditional CTC services cost.

Frictionless Compliance

If you are a brokerage owner, we will build out your compliance checklist within our system. We will process each file & then submit the completed package to your team, at which point they can choose to accept the file as-is or review the completed file. Whichever method you choose, you can be confident that no partially completed files will ever be submitted. If you are an individual agent or team leader, we will work within your brokerage’s compliance process to facilitate the fastest acceptance possible. We are very familiar with the major franchise’s compliance processes and navigate them with ease. Boutique brokerages are generally similar and we are also able to navigate these. Frictionless compliance means that we go directly to the source to get documents. For example, if a document is missing a signature, we will directly ask the client to sign, rather than ask the agent to ask the client to sign. We always work towards the quickest path from A to B.

90% of Traditional CTC at 30% of the Cost

We handle 100% of your compliance & CTC headache, but it’s important to understand that we leave client management to you, the agent. If your clients have questions over how to accomplish something, we generally can assist (and happily do so.) However, if your clients have more complex or conceptual questions, we will always refer them back to you, the agent. We view our role as that of a facilitator, not as an extension of the agent. We answer all questions by email and will refer your client back to you if they would like a phone call to discuss anything. All this said, we’ve found that our services greatly improve efficiency and save you a large amount of time. In general, agents save 12 hours per transaction by using our services.
Our organization has closed 1000+ CTC transactions and is now expanding. Our systems are customizable and include everything below.
  • Full Contract & Document Compliance
  • Input & Update Transaction
  • Option fee receipt management
  • Initial Introduction to Title, Buyer’s Agent (BA), & Lender
  • Lender Milestones Follow Up & Communication
  • Title Milestones Follow Up & Communication
  • Contract Milestone Follow Up & Communication
  • Communicate Major Milestones to Client & Listing Agent
  • Helpful Reminder Emails
  • Remote Closing Check & Communication
  • Financials Verification & Disbursement Authorization Request
  • Lender & Title Closing Confirmation
  • Delay "Red Flag" Check & Communication
  • Lease Back Process if Necessary
  • Final Walk Through Confirmation
  • Key Delivery Confirmation
  • Compliance Review
  • File Submission to Broker
  • CRM / Sphere Follow Up
  • File Closeout
  • Review Request

Paid at closing and only on closed files. If a transaction terminates, you pay $0.

We are now accepting limited teams & brokers in the US! Organizations closing 3+ transactions per month are eligible.