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AI Assisted Contract to Close Services Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this cost?

We charge $150 per file and you’re charged $0 if the file doesn’t close. There is a 3 file per month minimum, so you’re charged for 3 files even if you only close 2 that month.

If I don’t use my full 3 transactions in one month can I get a credit for unused transactions?

Unfortunately, no. Unused transactions don’t “roll over” into a future credit.

Can I share the 3 transactions with other agents?

Yes! As long as you’re an established team or brokerage, you can share the 3 monthly transactions.

How are you so much cheaper than most Contract to Close services?

The short answer is that we’re much more efficient. Our TCs are assisted by our AI platform that allows each TC to manage upwards of 50 transactions per month. Because of this, we can charge about 50-75% less than most CTC companies.

Is there anything that you don’t do that “normal” CTC services do?

We like to say that we provide 90% of the services of conventional CTC at 30% of the cost. We handle all of the administrative tasks that we believe agents shouldn’t do. However, there are a few things we won’t do. Our TCs operate strictly through email and will notify an agent as soon as a customer requests a phone call (which happens surprisingly little.) Our TCs are available during normal business hours and not on the weekends. While we’re always more than happy to send documents to clients for electronic signatures, our TCs won’t draft contracts or amendments because they aren’t licensed agents.

Who isn’t a good fit for your service?

Agents who would like an assistant, rather than a systemized CTC are better off with a personal assistant or traditional CTC.

Who is a good fit for your service?

Teams & brokerages that appreciate reliability, efficiency, & redundant processes absolutely love our services. The fact that we are able to reduce HR headaches, protect against turnover, & reduce payroll expenses are the icing on the cake for these clients.

Will you login to Skyslope, KW Command, Backagent, etc for me?

Absolutely! We know all of these systems incredibly well and part of our service is to submit all of your compliance documentation to your brokerage. If your team or brokerage uses a system that we’re not familiar with, we are more than happy to learn it!

Can I see your checklists?

Absolutely! We’re happy to email our full set of internal checklists to you.

Will you customize your checklists for me?

We will customize our process for you to some degree. We create a custom close out process for each agent since agents tend to use different CRMs and have different systems in order to get CDAs. We won’t generally customize our CTC checklists, but that’s never been a problem. Agents generally find our existing processes extremely thorough.

Will you text or call my clients?

In order to manage the volume of transactions that we do, we operate strictly by email. We’ve found that there is no problem with this policy. From time to time, a client will request a phone call & we will notify you immediately so that you can call them to make sure that everything is great!

Will I have a dedicated Transaction Coordinator!

Yes! You will be assigned an Account Manager who will then assign a dedicated TC to you. The best part is that you will have other experienced TCs to step in if your dedicated TC goes on vacation or has to take off work for some other reason. This helps ensure that there is no disruption to your business at any time.

How do I get started?

I’m glad you asked! Let us know that you’re ready to get started and we’ll begin the onboarding process, which generally takes a few days. From there, we’ll hit the ground running!


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