Transactify provides the infrastructure for one brokerage to grow from $8m to $130m+ in annual sales

The Problem: Lack of Visibility

Eric Bramlett is a rebel. In 2012, when he got rolling with his independent brokerage, he knew that in order to stand out, he had to look at the market differently. Always being an analytical and process-oriented broker, he knew that he needed one central place to manage all of his transactions and get an accurate picture of where his production was coming from all the way down to the lead source.

The Solution: Transactify

Transactify’s out-of-the-box analytical capabilities paired with native CRM integrations enabled Eric to get direct, dollar for dollar attribution on exactly where his production revenue is coming from. Now, he’s able to quickly gain insight into how to invest his marketing dollars and achieve the highest return. This process leads to Eric continuously capitalizing on growth opportunities he wouldn’t have previously seen.

Laying the Groundwork

The biggest problem, Eric quickly realized, was simply the number of headaches that he and his team had to deal with when managing a rapidly growing number of transactions (a good problem to have, we know). All of his processes and workflows had no broken due to the rapid influx of both leads and contracts. These broken processes were now the biggest barrier to continued growth. Using Transactify, Eric was able to set up his proven playbooks in the system and keep his team of agents and admin staff on track. This set up his full team for success when suddenly everyone had an automatically populated to-do list every day. Everyone now has complete visibility, organization and confidence into their next steps to keep moving each transaction forward.

By eliminating the feedback loops of constantly having to answer the same questions and help folks keep their to-do’s on track, he discovered that the team really began to focus on what matters: Marketing, building relationships, and closing deals.

From an administrative standpoint, Eric was able to automate a lot of the processes that he was dealing with himself. Another large time suck was dealing with all of the commission disbursement authorizations due to the influx of closed deals. Of course, agents and all parties involved wanted to get paid as soon as possible, but having to verify, approve, and release these commissions was time-consuming. He needed a concrete process to keep these moving and reduce the overall cycle time for each disbursement. Transactify’s native feature set contains a support function for exactly this. Instead of going through the manual process with the title company, he is able to generate and send these authorizations at the click of a button.

During my snowboarding vacation in the Colorado mountains, I can literally run my brokerage on my phone while riding a ski lift.

– Eric Bramlett

Dollars In, Dollars Out

Now that the biggest process issues were solved, Eric needed complete visibility into where his production was coming from. Having managed agent production in spreadsheets, he was now able to see all of his production reports over any time period, lead source, by agent, etc. from one easy to use dashboard. Not only was he able to instantly determine which agents needed praise (or help), he could see his progress toward goals, where his leads were coming from and how this is changing over any given time period.

Transactify has native integration with Eric’s CRM of choice, FollowUpBoss. Because of this, Eric could attribute all of his production dollars to each individual lead source he was paying for. Eric enjoys experimenting with new marketing channels, though he was very tight-lipped about any given channel’s performance. At one point, Eric was spending $10k per month on what felt like an unsuccessful source. Using Transactify, Eric was made aware that this source’s leads were generating a -80% ROI on average, whereas his leads from another source were generating a 660% ROI. That is, for every dollar invested, he was earning $6.60 in revenue. After reallocating the money from Source A to Source B, Eric increased his gross commission income by over $60,000 per month with one simple budget reallocation. Without Transactify, he never would’ve had that visibility.

In Summary

Eric has always been a great REALTOR®, salesman, and team leader. Even though he was growing a bit year over year, he knew that his current processes just weren’t scalable. By adopting Transactify, he knew that processes, people-power, and headaches weren’t going to be a limiting factor for growth. Transactify sets up clients for success by helping them solve these infrastructure problems so they don’t have to deal with these process headaches all while providing them complete visibility into the health of their business all the way from contract to close.

Lay the Groundwork

for Growth

Transactify’s out-of-the-box dashboards give you insight into all aspects of your brokerage’s performance. Understand how your agents are performing, if you’re meeting your goals, and how your marketing dollars translate to revenue.

Keep everyone on track during all stages of the deal. Set up playbooks for your agents to keep everyone on the same page and push the transaction forward.